Eat. Unite. Believe.

Join us for a dinner benefit presented by: The MILLA Project and Sahar Restaurant. Awaken your senses through enjoying a variety of fine cuisines with the community while bringing hope to others. Seats are limited! Reserve your space now!

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Anti-trafficking/Extremism Community Action Response Team

Trafficking for the purpose of extremism is a form of human trafficking. It involves coercion, force, and fraud. Joining extremist movements does not require individuals to travel to a foreign country.  Learn more about how YOU can be part of The MILLA Project's community task force.

Start Here! Work-based Learning Program

The MILLA Project, in collaboration with Sahar Restaurant, pilots Start Here! a work-based learning program, for students in New Haven County. A work-based learning program provides informal, on-the-job training, integrated with classroom learning.

CME Credits for Human Trafficking Training

Health care professionals, first responders, law enforcement agencies, and community members are able to receive general and/or advanced training in countering human trafficking. Training is specific to the requesting agency. Together we can increase victim identification and provide tools to help them rebuild their life.

America and Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence occurs to one in four women in America.Domestic violence does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone. Can you recognize the different types of domestic abuse?