Health Equity Gap Report

Connecticut has experienced a significant increase in its Arabic speaking population.Are domestic violence agencies prepared?

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Trafficking of Persons in Libya

Human trafficking is the trade of peoples like a commodity for various purposes including, forced labor, sex slavery, organ harvesting, and to be used as child soldiers. It is not the same as smuggling; smuggling involves a person being hired by another to transport a person across a border because that person would be denied at the border.

Child Soldiers: Israel and Palestine

Throughout the years, many attempts have been made to establish, enforce, and maintain rights for the individual, with varying degrees of efficiency. However, despite these attempts, human rights continue to be disregarded, most notably those rights pertaining to the child.

Fun ESL Support Classes

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America and Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence occurs to one in four women in America.Domestic violence does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone. Can you recognize the different types of domestic abuse?